Sep 11, 2009

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Sep 3, 2009

Obama's Crazy Green jobs Czar

Add has just reported:
Fox News Article

"President Obama's 'green jobs' adviser could become a mounting liability for the Obama administration, as the latest revelation about Van Jones shows his belief that the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks could have been an inside job. Jones joined the "9/11 truther" movement by signing a statement in 2004 calling for then-New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and others to launch an investigation into evidence that suggests "people within the current administration may indeed have deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen, perhaps as a pretext for war." 'The statement asked a series of critical questions hinting at Bush administration involvement in the attacks and called for "deeper inquiry." It was also signed by former Rep. Cynthia McKinney and Code Pink co-founder Jodie Evans."

This is who Obama surrounds himself with in his administration? More evidence that Obama is a left wing radical, surrounding himself with Anti-American loons.

Aug 11, 2009

Jun 14, 2009

Ryan Sorba

Jun 5, 2009

YCC Update

1) Conservative Rap Song
2) ISI is Hiring!
3) FreedomWorks is Hiring!
4 Karl Rove will be in Dana Point

'Young Conservative Anthem' Causes Internet Buzz
A viral video on conservative values, produced by two college students, is a hit on YouTube.
By Tatiana Cooke
Monday, June 01, 2009

An Internet rap video that claims to reflect true conservative values is quickly becoming a cult success.

"The Young Con Anthem," created by two Dartmouth students, has received more than 115,000 views and has been featured on The Huffington Post, USA Today and a variety of blogs across the political spectrum. You can view it on the Leadership Institute's campus blog:


ISI seeks motivated, knowledgeable people to join its staff. For fifty years, ISI has been working to assist American college youth in articulating the principles of a free and virtuous society. Many individuals who participated in ISI's programs or are familiar with its publications have gone on to work for the Institute. While this experience is a valuable asset for any prospective ISI employee, it is not a requirement for employment consideration.
Program Officer — Collegiate Network
Regional Ambassador — Intercollegiate Studies Institute
Résumés are accepted for possible consideration in future openings. Materials can be submitted to ISI in one of three ways.
(Please include "Position Inquiry" and your name in the subject line of the email.)
Fax: (302) 652-1760 Attn: Human Resources
Mail: Human Resources
Intercollegiate Studies Institute
3901 Centerville Road
Wilmington, DE 19807-1938 is hiring!

The Interactive Media Coordinator will assist with updates to homepage, blog, and state homepages. Responsibilities will include active outreach and marketing to online forums and blogs. The position will work closely with FreedomWorks campaigns, policy, and state staff.

The ideal applicant will have experience in online media, especially conservative blogging. Candidates must be able to market and our issues to our members and across social media platforms to drive traffic and convert visitors into activists.

Requires bachelor's degree in related field with excellent writing skills, and the ability and desire to blog and post content to the web site. Interest and understanding of free market politics and economics essential.

Ideal candidate will have basic knowledge of Drupal and WordPress. Experience with video and basic graphic design ideal.

Please forward cover letter, résumé and salary history to: Judy Mulcahy at

Karl Rove at the Ritz in Dana Point!

The Heritage Foundation is hosting an event with Karl Rove at the Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel on June 23rd. It includes dinner and is only $60 for non-members, a really great price at the Ritz for a great speaker! Please let me know if you are interested and I will send you the registration form.

Apr 26, 2009

Anti-Christian Hate-Group Leader Mark Potok Attacks Alert

Open letter to several leaders of the Southern Poverty Law Center

Mark Potok,

You told The Californian newspaper that to be removed from your list of hate groups I would need to repudiate my book The Pink Swastika. I won't, but in fairness you should add others who make some of the same claims.

The author of a recent article in The Huffington Post writes "With the exception of Jean-Marie Le Pen, all the most high-profile fascists in Europe in the past thirty years have been gay." Not even The Pink Swastika made this assertion, and there's much more in this article. Surely you will not allow this man to get away with such outrageous statements. I insist that you add him to your "hate" list.

Read it for yourself:


Pastor Scott Lively, J.D., Th.D.
President, Abiding Truth Ministries

PS. I have not yet received an response to my last e-mail asking why you haven't listed Perez Hilton as a hater for his public denigration and abuse of Christian Miss USA contestant Carrie Prejean for her religious views on marriage.

Johann Hari
The Strange, Strange Story of the Gay Fascists
Posted October 21, 2008, The Huffington Post

The news that Jorg Haider - the Austrian fascist leader - spent his final few hours in a gay bar with a hot blond has shocked some people. It hasn't shocked me. This is a taboo topic for a gay left-wing man like me to touch, but there has always been a weird, disproportionate overlap between homosexuality and fascism. Take a deep breath; here goes.

Some 10,000 gay people were slaughtered in the Nazi death-camps. Many more were humiliated, jailed, deported, ethnically cleansed, or castrated. One gay survivor of the camps, LD Classen von Neudegg, has written about his experiences. A snapshot: "Three men had tried to escape one night. They were captured, and when they returned they had the word 'homo' scrawled across their clothing. They were placed on a block and whipped. Then they were forced to beat a drum and cheer, 'Hurrah! We're back! Hurrah!' Then they were hanged." This is one of the milder events documented in his book.

So the idea of a gay fascist seems ridiculous. Yet when the British National Party - our own home-grown Holocaust-denying bigots - announced it was fielding an openly gay candidate in the European elections this June, dedicated followers of fascism didn't blink. The twisted truth is that gay men have been at the heart of every major fascist movement that ever was - including the gay-gassing, homo-cidal Third Reich. With the exception of Jean-Marie Le Pen, all the most high-profile fascists in Europe in the past thirty years have been gay. It's time to admit something. Fascism isn't something that happens out there, a nasty habit acquired by the straight boys. It is - in part, at least - a gay thing, and it's time for non-fascist gay people to wake up and face the marching music.

Just look at our own continent over the past decade. Dutch fascist Pim Fortuyn ran on blatantly racist anti-immigrant platform, describing Islam as "a cancer" and "the biggest threat to Western civilisation today." Yet with two little fluffy dogs and a Mamma complex, he was openly, flamboyantly gay. When accused by a political opponent of hating Arabs, he replied, "How can I hate Arabs? I sucked one off last night."

Jorg Haider blasted Austria's cosy post-Nazi politics to rubble in 2000 when his neo-fascist 'Freedom Party' won a quarter of the vote and joined the country's government as a coalition partner. Several facts always cropped up in the international press coverage: his square jaw, his muscled torso, his SS-supporting father, his rabid anti-Semitism, his hatred of immigrants, his description of Auschwitz and Dachau as "punishment centres". A few newspapers mentioned that he is always surrounded by fit, fanatical young men. A handful went further and pointed out that several of these young men are openly gay. Then one left-wing German paper broke the story everybody else was hinting at. They alleged Haider is gay.

Rumours of an Indian waiter with "intimate details" of Haider's body broke into the press. The Freedom Party's general manager Gerald Miscka quickly quit, amid accusations that he was Haider's lover. Haider's close gay friend Walter Kohler - who has been photographed showing off a holstered pistol while Haider chuckled - declared his opposition to outing politicians. Haider - who was married and has two children - kept quiet while his functionaries denied the rumours. The revelation that he died after leaving a gay bar suggests these rumours were true.

On and on it goes. If you inter-railed across Europe, only stopping with gay fascists, there aren't many sights you'd miss. France's leading post-war fascist was Edouard Pfieffer, who was not batting for the straight side. Germany's leading neo-Nazi all through the eighties was called Michael Kuhnen; he died of AIDS in 1991 a few years after coming out. Martin Lee, author of a study of European fascism, explains, "For Kuhnen, there was something supermacho about being a Nazi, as well as being a homosexual, both of which enforced his sense of living on the edge, of belonging to an elite that was destined to make an impact. He told a West German journalist that homosexuals were 'especially well-suited for our task, because they do not want ties to wife, children and family.'"

And it wouldn't be long before your whistlestop tour arrived in Britain. At first glance, our Nazis seem militantly straight. They have tried to disrupt gay parades, describe gay people as "evil", and BNP leader Nick Griffin reacted charmingly to the bombing of the Admiral Duncan pub in 1999 with a column saying, "The TV footage of gay demonstrators [outside the scene of carnage] flaunting their perversion in front of the world's journalists showed just why so many ordinary people find these creatures repulsive."

But scratch to homophobic surface and there's a spandex swastika underneath. In 1999, Martin Webster, a former National Front organiser and head honcho in the British fascist movement, wrote a four-page pamphlet detailing his 'affair' with Nick Griffin. "Griffin sought out intimate relations with me," openly-gay Webster explained, "in the late 1970s. He was twenty years younger than me." Ray Hill, who infiltrated the British fascist movement for twelve years to gather information for anti-fascist groups, says it's all too plausible. Homosexuality is "extremely prevalent" in the upper echelons of the British far right, and at one stage in the 1980s nearly half of the movement's organisers were gay, he claims.

Gerry Gable, editor of the anti-fascist magazine 'Searchlight', explains, "I have looked at Britain's Nazi groups for decades and this homophobic hypocrisy has been there all the time. I cannot think of any organisation on the extreme right that hasn't attacked people on the grounds of their sexual preference and at the same time contained many gay officers and activists."

Griffins' alleged gay affair would stand in a long British fascist tradition. The leader of the skinhead movement all through the 1970s was a crazed, muscled thug called Nicky Crane. He was the icon of a reactionary backlash against immigrants, feminism and the 'hippy' lifetsyle of the 1960s. His movement's emphasis on conformity to a shaven, dehumanised norm resembled classical fascist movements; Crane soon became a campaigner and leading figure in the National Front. Oh, and he was gay. Before he died of AIDS in the mid-1980s, Crane came out and admitted he had starred in many gay porn videos. Just before he died in 1986, he was allowed to steward a Gay Pride march in London, even though he still said he was "proud to be a fascist."

The rubber-soled friction between gay fascists and progressive British gay people sparked into anger in 1985 when the Gay Skinhead Movement organised a disco at London's Gay Centre. Several lesbians in particular objected to the "invasion" of the centre. They felt that the cult of "real men" and hypermasculine thugs was stirring up the most base feelings "in the very place, the gay movement, where you would least expect them."

And this Gaystapo has an icon to revere, an alternative Fuhrer to worship: the lost gay fascist leader Ernst Rohm. Along with Adolf Hitler, Rohm was the founding father of Nazism. Born to conservative Bavarian civil servants in 1887, Ernst Rohm's life began - in his view - in the "heroic" trenches of the First World War. Like so many of the generation who formed the Nazi Party, he was nurtured by and obsessed with the homoerotic myth of the trenches - heroic, beautiful boys prepared to die for their brothers and their country.

He emerged from the war with a bullet-scarred face and a reverence for war. As he put it in his autobiography, "Since I am an immature and wicked man, war and unrest appeal to me more than the good bourgeois order." After being disbanded, he tried half-heartedly to get a foothold in civilian life, but he saw it as alien, bourgeois, boring. He had no political beliefs, only prejudices - particularly hatred of Jews. Historian Joachim Fest describes Rohm's generation of alienated, demobbed young men humiliated by defeat as "agents of a permanent revolution without any revolutionary idea of the future, only a wish to eternalize the values of the trenches."

It was Rohm who first spotted the potential of a soap-box ranter called Adolf Hitler. He saw him as the demagogue he needed to mobilize support for his plan to overthrow democracy and establish a "soldier's state" where the army ruled untrammelled. He introduced the young fascist to local politicians and military leaders; they knew him for many years as "Rohm's boy." Gay historian Frank Rector notes, "Hitler was, to a substantial extent, Rohm's protégé." Rohm integrated Hitler into his underground movement to overthrow the Weimar Republic.

Rohm's blatant, out homosexuality seems bizarre now, given the gay genocide that was to follow. He talked openly about his fondness for gay bars and Turkish baths, and was known for his virility. He believed that gay people were superior to straights, and saw homosexuality as a key principle of his proposed Brave New Fascist Order. As historian Louis Snyder explains, Rohm "projected a social order in which homosexuality would be regarded as a human behaviour pattern of high repute... He flaunted his homosexuality in public and insisted his cronies do the same. He believed straight people weren't as adept at bullying and aggression as homosexuals, so homosexuality was given a high premium in the SA." They promoted an aggressive, hypermasculine form of homosexuality, condemning "hysterical women of both sexes", in reference to feminine gay men.

This belief in the superiority of homosexuality had a strong German tradition that grew up at the turn of the twentieth century around Adolf Brand, publisher of the country's first gay magazine. You could call it 'Queer as Volk': they preached that gay men were the foundation of all nation-states and represented an elite, warrior caste that should rule. They venerated the ancient warrior cults of Sparta, Thebes and Athens.

Rohm often referred to the ancient Greek tradition of sending gay solider couples into battle, because they were believed to be the most ferocious fighters. The famous pass of Thermopylae, for example was held by 300 soldiers - who consisted of 150 gay couples. In its early years, the SA - Hitler and Rohm's underground army - was seen as predominantly gay. Rohm assigned prominent posts to his lovers, making Edmund Heines his deputy and Karl Ernst the SA commander in Berlin. The organisation would sometimes meet in gay bars. The gay art historian Christian Isermayer said in an interview, "I got to know people in the SA. They used to throw riotous parties even in 1933... I once attended one. It was quite well-behaved but thoroughly gay. But then, in those days, the SA was ultra-gay."

On June 30th 1934, Rohm was awoken in a Berlin hotel by Hitler himself. He sprang to his feet and saluted, calling, "Heil Mein Fuhrer!" Hitler said simply, "You are under arrest," and with that he left the room, giving orders for Rohm to be taken to Standelheim prison. He was shot that night. Rohm was the most high-profile kill in the massacre known as 'the Night of the Long Knives'.

Rohm had been suspected by Hitler of disloyalty, but his murder began a massive crackdown on gay people. Heinrich Himmler, head of the Gestapo, described homosexuality as "a symptom of degeneracy that could destroy our race. We must return to the guiding Nordic principle: extermination of degenerates."

German historian Lothar Machtan argues that Hitler had Rohm - and almost all of the large number of gay figures within the SA - killed to silence speculation about his own homosexual experiences. His 'evidence' for Hitler being gay is shaky and has been questioned by many historians, although some of his findings are at least suggestive. A close friend of Hitler's during his teenager years, August Kubizek, alleged a "romantic" affair between them. Hans Mend, a despatch rider who served alongside Hitler in the First World War, claimed to have seen Hitler having sex with a man. Hitler was certainly very close to several gay men, and never seems to have had a normal sexual relationship with a woman, not even his wife, Eva Braun.

Rudolph Diels, the founder of the Gestapo, recorded some of Hitler's private thoughts on homosexuality. "It had destroyed ancient Greece, he said. Once rife, it extended its contagious effects like an ineluctable law of nature to the best and most manly of characters, eliminating from the breeding pool the very men the Volk most needs." This idea - that homosexuality is 'contagious' and, implicitly, tempting - is revealing.

Rohm is venerated on the Homo-Nazi sites that have bred on the internet like germs in a wound. They have names like Gays Against Semitism (with the charming acronym GAS), and the Aryan Resistance Corps (ARC). Their Rohmite philosophy is simple: while white men are superior to other races, gay men are "the masters of the Master Race". They alone are endowed with the "capacity for pure male bonding" and the "superior intellect" that is needed for "a fascist revolution." The ARC even organises holiday "get-togethers" for its members where "you can relax amongst the company of our fellow white brothers."

So it's fairly easy to establish that gay people are not inoculated from fascism. They have often been at its heart. This begs the bigger question: why? How did gay people - so often victims of oppression and hate - become integral to the most hateful and evil political movement of all? Is it just an extreme form of self-harm, the political equivalent to the gay kids who slash their own arms to ribbons out of self-hate?

Gay pornographer and film-maker Bruce LaBruce has one explanation. He claims that "all gay porn today is implictly fascist. Fascism is in our bones, because it's all about glorifying white male supremacy and fetishizing domination, cruelty, power and monstrous authority figures." He has tried to explore the relationship between homosexuality and fascism in his movies, beginning with 'No Skin Off My Ass' in 1991. In his disturbing 1999 film "Skin Flick', a bourgeois gay couple - one black, one white - are sexually terrorised by a gang of gay skinheads who beat off to 'Mein Kampf' and beat up 'femmes'. He implies that bourgeois gay norms quickly break down to reveal a fascist lurking underneath; the movie ends with the black character being raped in front of his half-aroused white lover, as the racist gang chant, "Fuck the monkey."

I decided to track down some gay fascists and ask them directly. Wyatt Powers, director of the ARC, says, "I always knew in my heart racist and gay were both morally right. I don't see any conflict between them. It's only the Jew-owned gay press that tries to convince us that racialism is the same thing as homophobia. You can be an extreme nationalist and gay without any contradiction at all."

One comment board on a gay racist website goes even further into racist lunacy. One gay man from Ohio says, "Even if you are gay and white, or retarded and white, YOU ARE WHITE, BOTTOM LINE! Instead of letting the white race go extinct because of worthless races such as the Africans or Mexicans popping out literally millions of babies a day, we have to fight this fucked up shit they are doing. They are raping our country." It's true that racism and homophobia do not necessarily overlap - but as Rabbi Bernard Melchman explains, "Homophobia and anti-Semitism are so often part of the same disease." Racists are usually homophobic. Even after reading all their web rantings, I didn't feel any closer to understanding why so many gay men ally themselves with people who will almost always turn on them in the end, just as the Nazis did.

Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has a sensitive and intriguing explanation. "There are many reasons for this kind of thing," he says. "Some of them are in denial. They are going for hyper-masculinity, the most extreme possible way of being a man. It's a way of ostentatiously rejecting the perceived effeminacy of the homosexual 'Other'. These troubled men have a simple belief in their minds: 'Straight men are tough. Queers are weak. Therefore if I'm tough I can't be queer.' It's a desperate way of proving their manhood."

'Searchlight' magazine - the bible of the British anti-fascist movement, with moles in every major far-right organisation - offers an alternative explanation. "Generally condemned by a society that continues to be largely hostile to gays, some men may find refuge and a new power status in the far right," one of their writers has explained. "Through adherence to the politics espoused by fascist groups, a new identity emerges - one where they aren't outcasts, because they are White Men, superior to everyone else. They render the gay part of their identity invisible - or reject the socially less acceptable parts, like being feminine - while vaunting what they see as superior."

But there's another important question: will fascist movements inevitably turn on gay people? In the case of the Nazis, it seems to have been fairly arbitrary; Hitler's main reason for killing Rohm was unrelated to his sexuality. From my perspective as a progressive-minded leftie, all fascism is evil; but should all gay people see it as inimical to their interests? Is it possible to have a gay fascist who wasn't acting against his own interests? Fascism is often defined as "a political ideology advocating hierarchical government that systematically denies equality to certain groups." It's true that this hierarchy could benefit gay people at the expense of, say, black people. But given the prevalence of homophobia, isn't that - even for people who don't see fascism as inherently evil - a terrible risk to take? Won't a culture that turns viciously on one minority get around to gay people in the end? This seems, ultimately, to be the lesson of Ernst Rohm's pitiful, squalid litt! le life.

The growing awareness of the role gay men play in fascist movements has been abused by some homophobes. In an especially nutty work of revisionist history called 'The Pink Swastika', the 'historian' Scott Lively tries to blame gay people for the entire Holocaust, and describes the murder of gay men in the camps as merely "gay-on-gay violence." A typical website commenting on the book claims absurdly, "The Pink Swastika shows that there was far more brutality, rape, torture and murder committed against innocent people by Nazi homosexuals than there even was against homosexuals themselves."

Yet we can't allow these madmen to prevent a period of serious self-reflection from the gay movement. If Bruce LaBruce is right, many of the mainstream elements of gay culture - body worship, the lauding of the strong, a fetish for authority figures and cruelty - provide a swamp in which the fascist virus can thrive. Do some gay people really still need to learn that fascists will not bring on a Fabulous Solution for gay people, but a Final Solution for us all?


[Ed. He's a little off-base on some of the facts re Roehm's assasination (the assassins were also "gay"), and he takes the obligatory swipe at The Pink Swastika (which he obviously used as a jumping off point for his own research) but all-in-all I'd say he's done an excellent job confirming a major pillar of Abram's and my thesis.]

Apr 22, 2009

Obama and "Torture"

President Obama recently ordered the CIA and the Justice Dept. to release memos outlining the exact interrogation techniques American operatives used to extract information from known terrorists. Some of these methods include water boarding, sleep deprivation and scare tactics involving bugs. These are the techniques that the President has termed "torture," and has outlawed, even though these techniques were incredibly effective in gaining valuable intelligence and preventing further terrorist attacks. In short, these techniques literally helped save American lives. President Obama and other hysteric liberals inaccurately call these effective techniques "torture." Ask John Mccain and he'll tell you about torture, or watch a youtube video of Islamofascists decapitating Daniel Pearls head, and you'll get a better understanding of what torture really is.
President Obama and other liberals self righteously state that America is above "torture" and that we cannot compromise our values in our fight against terrorism. Really? Basically, the President is saying that if it were known that a captured terrorist had information about an impending attack, we would not put a scary bug in his cell to compel him to speak in order to uphold our "values." What a bunch of BS. What about the American value of stopping Americans from being incinerated to death, or crashed into buildings on 747s? This morning the President stated that protecting Americans is his number one priority. If this were the case then the President would not mind violating the rights of known terrorists, with the blood of American citizens on their hands, in order to prevent future attacks. It is clear that the President is putting the rights and well being of terrorists over that of Americans.

Apr 13, 2009

TEA Party Tactics: Should You Encounter Leftist Infiltrators

As many of you know, the April 15th tax payer revolt is brewing. TEA Parties ("T axed E nough A lready") are going to take place all over the nation.

In case you are new to the world of protests, here are a number of tactics that you may want to employ, should you encounter ACORN
plants and other leftist infiltrators.

First, create a number of "INFILTRATOR" signs to point out any plants and identify them as not a part of the Tea Party. Some left-wing blogs have suggested that infiltrators utilize racist and other derogatory messages to make it look like the Tea Party protesters are "intolerant bigots." This is where the "INFILTRATOR" and "ACORN PLANT" signs come in to use.

Also, please spread the work to ensure that as many people as possible bring along digital cameras and DVR cameras. People tend to behave and act civil when there are cameras around to record their actions. If some infiltrators become verbally abusive and physically belligerent, tell them they are being recorded and that the video will be downloaded onto YouTube, and if necessary, forwarded to the authorities.

Some of these internet blog threats and rumors may be just that, threats and rumors but nothing else. However, it is important that we be prepared. I'll see you all out there, in a field and on t.v.

Viva la conservative revolucion,

Rick Reiss
MTRA, Programs Director

Brendan Steinhauser
FreedomWorks, Director of State and Federal Campaigns

Ryan Sorba
YCC, Chairman

Mar 30, 2009

Obama is Misleading the American People

President Obama is being extremely misleading when he states that his plans to reform healthcare, energy and education are essential in order to jumpstart our economy. This is simply not true as education, healthcare and energy have very little to do with this economic crisis. The economic crisis is centered in the financial sector and the housing market. The reason for the housing crisis, by the way, is because for years liberal in congress have been coercing banks to make loans to unqualified borrowers, because of a misguided liberal compassionate notion that everybody should own a home. It is because of this intervention in the free market that housing collapsed. Any way, back to the point.
Obama is using this economic crisis to impose his big government ideology on the American people, in a way that has no connection with the economic crisis. Now, legislating Universal healthcare may be good policy, if one believes in socialized medicine (which I do not), however, healthcare costs have nothing to do with our economic troubles. And even if they did, how would insuring another thirty or so million Americans make healthcare cheaper? It makes absolutely no sense. Like I said, it may be good compassionate policy, but it will not help our economy in the slightest.
The same can be said for education. Vastly increasing the money we spend on public education may good policy, but it will not jumpstart our economy. Perhaps in twenty years this may help our economy, but for now the President should be focused on getting our economy out of the gutter, a very difficult task, that has little to do with education. And if the President were so concerned with education he would legislate the voucher program, wherein parents choose what schools their children go to, increasing competition and quality of education.
The President has also said that an energy overhaul is needed to help our economy. Well, this may be true, but his strategy has nothing to do with making energy cheaper; in fact, his policy proposals will do the exact opposite. The President is proposing new energy taxes and cap and trade. These two initiatives have nothing to do with improving energy prices and everything to do with preventing global warming. Once again, preventing global warming may good public policy, but it has absolutely nothing to do with improving our economy! If the President were so concerned with energy prices he would advocate exploration into America’s vast oil fields off the coast of California and Florida, and in Alaska.

Mar 5, 2009

Obama Strangles Free Market

Add ImageFrom - Today stocks plunged nearly 300 points. Since Obama took office, the Dow has lost nearly 20% of its total value. Is it posAdd Imagesible that all the lofty expectations for President Obama were too unrealistic? President Obama has set aside $600 billion for universal healthcare, before any specific plans for it's implementation have been formulated. Is it wise to be pursuing such an ambitous, expensive and unproven agenda item, such as universal healthcare, in these troubling economic times? This is in addition to the $800 billion stimulus package, and the proposed $400 billion spending bill. The President is also planning tax increases for all those earning above 250 thousand per year; these people are also known as the "job creators." Does the President think that penalizing the main investors and employers in our society is going to help the economy? If he does he is in for an unpleasant surprise, as raising the income and capital gains taxes are going to discourage investments and entrepreneurial ingenuity. Furthermore, it is misleading for the President to state that taxes will only be increased for the affluent, as he is planning to cap greenhouse gasses, which will lead to higher energy prices and taxes for everyone in society. On top of that, the President is proposing to reduce the amount of money the rich can write off for charitable donations, which will undoubtedly have very negative consequences for charities, as the rich will not give as much. The over regulation and intervention of Obama's government is too overbearing for the free market to handle, and the Dow Jones is proof.

Mar 2, 2009

(As seen on The "man-made global warming leading to catastrophe" nuts were at it again in DC, Add Imageprotesting in the midst of a huge snow storm and freezing temperatures. Its as if G-d was trying to get a message across to these loons. The sad likelyhood is that none of these protesters even made the connection, as global warming hysteria has morphed into a religion, wherein reason and science cannot deter ones belief that global warming will destroy mankind. President Obama has joined the fight against the sun, and is proposing cap and trade, which would increase the costs of energy for all Americans.
From Fox News Article - Global warming activists stormed Washington Monday for what was billed as the nation's largest act of civil disobedience to fight climate change -- only to see the nation's capital virtually shut down by a major winter storm. Schools and businesses were shuttered, lawmakers cancelled numerous appearances and the city came to a virtual standstill as Washington was blasted with its heaviest snowfall of the winter. It spelled about six inches of trouble for global warming activists who had hoped to swarm the Capitol by the thousands in an effort to force the government to close the Capitol Power Plant, which heats and cools a number of government buildings, including the Supreme Court and the Capitol. The snowy scene, with temperatures in the mid-20s, was reminiscent of a day in January 2004, when Al Gore made a major address on global warming in New York -- on one of the coldest days in the city's history. Protest organizers said about 2,500 people braved the blizzard to oppose greenhouse gas emissions, but the shroud of snow wasn't the only wet blanket in the nation's capital Monday. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who called on the architect of the Capitol to stop burning coal at the power plant last week, cancelled her appearance at the rally because her flight to Washington was cancelled.

Feb 27, 2009

Buchanan on Immigration

(From Patrick Buchanan recently wrote a very informative article about how the massive flow of illegal immigration is harming America's lower class (The entire article can be found ay Buchanan makes the excellent point that millions of illegal immigrants hold jobs in the service, food and industrial sectors, that young, uneducated AMERICAN, minorities could hold. It is a myth that illegal immigrants only hold jobs that no Americans want. The liberal establishment, who fancy themselves champions of the have nots, are in fact doing a great disservice to the underclass, by not demanding that border laws be enforced.

Buchanan writes: Case in point -- rampant unemployment among minority youth. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, among African-Americans 18 to 29 with only a high-school degree, unemployment is now 20 percent. Among black adults who do not have a high-school diploma, it is 24 percent. Among teenagers under 18, black unemployment is 30 percent. Among native-born Hispanics with only a high-school diploma, the unemployment rate is 13.6 percent. Among high-school dropouts, 16 percent. Among Hispanic 16- and 17-year-olds, the jobless figure is 40 percent. As these figures were compiled in December, before the last two months of sweeping layoffs, they surely understate the situation. And with both black and Hispanic dropout rates now reaching 50 percent in major cities, the social dynamite is piling up. Last month, USA Today reported that the FBI estimates there are now 1 million gang members in the United States -- up 200,000 from 2005 -- and these gangs are responsible for 80 percent of all U.S. crimes. From other studies, young Hispanics are 19 times as likely as white youth to join gangs, while African-Americans are 15 times. These millions of teenagers, and unskilled and less-educated young adults with no jobs and little prospect of finding them, are recruiting pools for criminal gangs. Who is getting the jobs for which these native-born black and Hispanic young could quality? Illegal aliens hold literally millions of them.

Feb 25, 2009

Obama's Address to the Nation

Although I disagree with most of the substance of his rhetoric, President Obama clearly delivered another incredible speech last night. However, this speech was nothing more than a trojan horse for a funbag of liberal goodies. The President and I share the common goal of getting America out of this economic crisis, but we fundamentally disagree on the path to take. Last night the President presented the most ambitious and expensive spending plan in the history of America. He wants to guarantee health care and a college education for everyone, as well as cap CO2 emissions. Exactly how does he plan to pay for all of this in a dreadful economy. It was comical to hear him speak about his dedication to fiscal responsibility and restraint in one breath, while touting these expensive spending programs in the next. The thing that struck me the most last night was his statement about implementing cap and trade on CO2 emissions, which would inevitably lead to the rationing of energy, a decrease in supply, and ultimately an increase in the cost of energy. During this time of economic hardship we should not be saddling businesses with further regulations, which will increase the cost of business for everyone.

Feb 4, 2009

Cheney Criticizes President Obama

(From In an interview with former Vice President, Dick Cheney, criticized President Obama for not prosecuting the War on Terror as Bush did. Cheney is referring to Obama's plans to close Gitmo and prohibit the use of enhanced interrogation techniques. In addition, Cheney believes that President Obama is too concerned about America being loved around the world. Cheney makes an excellent point, as much of the world is a moral wasteland, and America should only be worried about sticking to our core values. America is the greatest country in the world because we are the only country that consistently fights evil around the world. If we start acting in a way because we want to be liked, then America will no longer be exceptional.

Cheney said:
“When we get people who are more concerned about reading the rights to an Al Qaeda terrorist than they are with protecting the United States against people who are absolutely committed to do anything they can to kill Americans, then I worry...The United States needs to be not so much loved as it needs to be respected. Sometimes, that requires us to take actions that generate controversy. I’m not at all sure that that’s what the Obama administration believes.” (For more click on link above)

Feb 3, 2009

The Obama Nominee Fiasco

(From Tom Daschle is the 2nd Obama cabinet nominee who did not pay his full share of taxes. As a result, Daschle has dropped out as potential Secretary of Health and Human Services, a significant position in the Obama administration, in charge of overhauling healthcare. The other was Timothy Geithner, who was just approved as Secretary of the Treasury, despite his tax problems. Obama's judgement should be called into question after these two botched nominations, because Geithner and Daschle were either too incompetent to figure out how much taxes they owed, or worse, they intentionally decieved the IRS.
This story is very ironic in two ways. First, assuming Daschle and Geithner did not intentionally withhold money, one must wonder how the Federal Government expects regular citizens to figure out how much money they owe in taxes, when the people who legislate those laws cannot figure it out themselves! The tax laws are extremely complex and outdated. In addition, it is almost comical that two members of the Democratic party did not pay tens of thousands of dollars in taxes owed to the government. After all, the Democrats are the party of higher taxes, especially for the top earners, a group which Geithner and Daschle are surely a part of, and thus when top Democratic Officials do not pay their taxes it comes off as a little hypocritical. If Geithner and Dachle do not want to pay nearly half of their income to the government, then they should lobby for lower taxes, like Republicans!