Jun 16, 2007

Evaluating the CDC from the 'Waste' Down

Most of us are shocked that transgender beauty pageants even exist--but what if I said that as a U.S. taxpayer you've already funded one? According to a new report on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), that's just one in a long line of unnecessary expenses that have gone unpunished, and, until now, unnoticed by Congress.

When CDC Director Julie Gerberding told the Senate that her agency "needed" an additional billion dollars, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) decided to investigate how the last $10 billion had been spent. What he found was enough to make anyone sick. It turns out that the CDC has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars over the past few years on everything from vegetable statues to zero gravity chairs.

As Coburn outlines in his report, "CDC Off Center," the agency has expended millions on lavish facilities, questionable conferences, and new offices in the home states of committee members who oversee its funding. Among some of the more outrageous line items, the CDC used syphilis prevention funds to host a "safe sex" event with a porn star. It spent $45 million for conferences, including some that featured prostitutes and beach parties.

On the HIV/AIDS front, one grantee hosted a "bar night" with instructions on "how to throw a good party with lots of alcohol." As Coburn notes with tragic irony, the CDC spent enough on trips for employees to international AIDS conferences to underwrite drugs that would have prevented mother-to-child AIDS transmission in over 115,000 babies.

If Dr. Gerberding "needs" an additional billion dollars to operate, we suggest that she look within her own budget and eliminate projects and programs that are nothing more than bureaucratic shams.

Jun 15, 2007

VIDEO/CAUTION: Pro-same gender sex activists are RECRUITING KIDS!!

Extremely slick propaganda directed at the youngest of children! The videos are from "It's Elementary," a 78-minute feature film produced by homosexualists. Unfortunately, these are actual scenes from elementary schools in Massachusetts and New York. "It's Elementary" is meant to be a training video for pro-same gender sex activist teachers across the country. Sadly, the film itself is still being shown to schoolchildren in public schools in Massachusetts and elsewhere.

This is what is actually going on in more and more elementary schools across America. Watching this will really affect you. You will not believe what you are seeing.

Part 1: "'Gay' & 'Lesbian' Pride" Day in Elementary Schools - Actual footage of teachers indoctrinating children that homosexuality is "healthy education." (Length: 8:59)

Link: Link:http://www.massresistance.org/media/video/brainwashing.html

Ryan Sorba

Jun 14, 2007

Planned Parenthood BUSTED: for telling girl to lie about her age

June 12th, 2007

My friend James O’Keefe is at it again, this time with a brilliant undercover effort to expose Planned Parenthood for encouraging a young girl to lie about her age to avoid getting her boyfriend in trouble for statutory rape. This is an alarming story about how this organization pursues its evil agenda at any cost.

Cybercast News Service has the story here.
Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles is threatening to sue a student pro-life activist who recorded an abortion clinic employee encouraging her to lie about her age to avoid being reported as a victim of statutory rape.

Lila Rose, an 18-year-old sophomore at the University of California Los Angeles, is the founder of a pro-life magazine on campus. In March, she entered a Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles (PPLA) clinic, posing as a pregnant 15-year-old and said her boyfriend was 23 years old.

A girl in that position would be considered a victim of statutory rape because she was under 16, and California law requires clinics such as Planned Parenthood to report cases of statutory rape. In hidden camera video of the encounter, a PPLA employee tells Rose that she could “figure out a birth date that works” to avoid having PPLA notify police.
Brendan Steinhauser