Mar 30, 2009

Obama is Misleading the American People

President Obama is being extremely misleading when he states that his plans to reform healthcare, energy and education are essential in order to jumpstart our economy. This is simply not true as education, healthcare and energy have very little to do with this economic crisis. The economic crisis is centered in the financial sector and the housing market. The reason for the housing crisis, by the way, is because for years liberal in congress have been coercing banks to make loans to unqualified borrowers, because of a misguided liberal compassionate notion that everybody should own a home. It is because of this intervention in the free market that housing collapsed. Any way, back to the point.
Obama is using this economic crisis to impose his big government ideology on the American people, in a way that has no connection with the economic crisis. Now, legislating Universal healthcare may be good policy, if one believes in socialized medicine (which I do not), however, healthcare costs have nothing to do with our economic troubles. And even if they did, how would insuring another thirty or so million Americans make healthcare cheaper? It makes absolutely no sense. Like I said, it may be good compassionate policy, but it will not help our economy in the slightest.
The same can be said for education. Vastly increasing the money we spend on public education may good policy, but it will not jumpstart our economy. Perhaps in twenty years this may help our economy, but for now the President should be focused on getting our economy out of the gutter, a very difficult task, that has little to do with education. And if the President were so concerned with education he would legislate the voucher program, wherein parents choose what schools their children go to, increasing competition and quality of education.
The President has also said that an energy overhaul is needed to help our economy. Well, this may be true, but his strategy has nothing to do with making energy cheaper; in fact, his policy proposals will do the exact opposite. The President is proposing new energy taxes and cap and trade. These two initiatives have nothing to do with improving energy prices and everything to do with preventing global warming. Once again, preventing global warming may good public policy, but it has absolutely nothing to do with improving our economy! If the President were so concerned with energy prices he would advocate exploration into America’s vast oil fields off the coast of California and Florida, and in Alaska.