Apr 22, 2009

Obama and "Torture"

From http://www.samspolitics.com/
President Obama recently ordered the CIA and the Justice Dept. to release memos outlining the exact interrogation techniques American operatives used to extract information from known terrorists. Some of these methods include water boarding, sleep deprivation and scare tactics involving bugs. These are the techniques that the President has termed "torture," and has outlawed, even though these techniques were incredibly effective in gaining valuable intelligence and preventing further terrorist attacks. In short, these techniques literally helped save American lives. President Obama and other hysteric liberals inaccurately call these effective techniques "torture." Ask John Mccain and he'll tell you about torture, or watch a youtube video of Islamofascists decapitating Daniel Pearls head, and you'll get a better understanding of what torture really is.
President Obama and other liberals self righteously state that America is above "torture" and that we cannot compromise our values in our fight against terrorism. Really? Basically, the President is saying that if it were known that a captured terrorist had information about an impending attack, we would not put a scary bug in his cell to compel him to speak in order to uphold our "values." What a bunch of BS. What about the American value of stopping Americans from being incinerated to death, or crashed into buildings on 747s? This morning the President stated that protecting Americans is his number one priority. If this were the case then the President would not mind violating the rights of known terrorists, with the blood of American citizens on their hands, in order to prevent future attacks. It is clear that the President is putting the rights and well being of terrorists over that of Americans.