Sep 29, 2007

Southern Poverty Law Center "SPLC" Deemed Hate Group

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s David Holthouse, along with other pro-sodomy and anti-Christian hate groups have published attacks on pro-religious freedom and family activist Kyle Bristow, in a disgusting attempt to silence his opposition to their campaign for the normalization of sodomy.

Now, pro-family groups nationwide are intent on rebuking the Southern Poverty Law Center’s propagandistic tactics by seeking both legal and non-legal recourse.

The controversy began when Kyle Bristow, a senior at Michigan State University and Chairman of the universities Young American’s for Freedom chapter invited Ryan Sorba to speak on the issue of his forthcoming book, “The Born ‘Gay’ Hoax.” Sorba argues that the "gay" identity is a complete fabrication, contrived by pro-sodomy activists in a legal and public relations campaign to gain minority status as a suspect class under the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Sorba quotes at length various leaders of the pro-sodomy movement, who admit that there is no such thing as being “born gay” or an innate "homosexuality.” Sorba argues that same-sex attractions are a developmental condition, arising in response to early sexual abuse and other dysfunctional environmental conditions. Sorba states, “The American people have been deceived by a crafty few political activists, whose stated goal it is to gain complete acceptance for sodomy and other deviant sexual behaviors.”

Upon learning of Bristow’s event, organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center began to circulate articles which many consider to be libel on the internet. This is not the first time that Bristow has been attacked by the anti-Christian and anti-American hate group.

“The attacks have been incessant.” stated Bristow, “The Southern Poverty Law Center has been engaged in a program of both deceit and intimidation against me. They are bullies. They are afraid to attack larger conservative organizations that have the necessary resources to combat the Center’s lies, so the multi-million dollar operation resorts to bullying college students.”

The majority of the attacks have come from one, David Holthouse, a writer for the organization. Holthouse’s article is a blatant hit piece on both Bristow and Sorba, and it makes false accusations about Bristow that may be considered libel. Now, unless the article in reference is promptly removed from the internet and an official apology is received, the Young American's for Freedom will take legal action against the law center.

Further, in response to the Southern Poverty Law Center's isolation of conservatives as dehumanized targets, and in response to it's deliberate attempts vilify college students with whom they simply disagree, the Young Conservative's of California have voted to declare the SPLC a hate group.

By Katie Cole