Dec 29, 2008

Times Reporter Philippe Naughton Disrespects Christianity

In an article entitled, "Pope accused of stoking homophobia after he equates homosexuality to climate change" Times reporter Philippe Naughton disrespects Catholicism, Christianity, and all of humanity by lending legitimacy to the homofascist claim that anyone who shuns sodomy is somehow "homophobic."

Naughton starts off her article by quoting the Pope one or two measly times. She then uses the rest of her terrible article to Christian bash. In short, she places quote after painful quote of heretical occultists claiming the Holy Bible supports acts of sodomy.

Philippe Naughton ought to get off the homofascist band wagon and come back to reality. Yes, reality. That thing homofascist's find so hard to believe in. In reality, the human body is not an abstraction, but rather, an important part of who we are as human beings. We are not abstract conscious's inhabiting impersonal bodies, but rather our bodies are a part of who we are and we must recognize as much if our personhood is ever to be whole, entire, and unbroken.

Dec 20, 2008

Step Down! Jerry Brown!

California state Attorney General Jerry Brown says that he will now defend sodomy in the California courts against the will of Californians, who voted overwhelmingly on November 4th in favor of natural marriage.

Due to "deep probing," into the issues of sodomy and same-sex attraction, Brown says, he's had a change of heart.

Dec 3, 2008

Get Out of Our Party RINO's!!

The following so-called "Republicans" (RINO'S) supported Barack Hussein Obama Jr. for president. Please join me in excommunicating them from the Republican Party by reposting this list and/or sending it to all your Republican contacts.

Former Governor Massachusetts, William Weld.

Former Rhode Island Senator, Lincoln Chafee.

Former Governor Minnesota, Arne Carlson.

Former Governor and Senator Connecticut, Lowell Weicker.

Former Governor Virginia, Linwood Holton.

Former Governor Michigan, William Milliken.

Former South Dakota Senator, Larry Pressler.

Former Iowa Congressman, Jim Leach.

Former Maryland Congressman, Wayne Gilchrest.

Former Bush Secretary of State, Colin Powell.

Former Bush Press Secretary, Scott McClellan.

Former Reagan White House Chief of Staff, Ken Duberstein.

Former Reagan Solicitor General, Charles Fried

Former Reagan White House Counsel, Douglas Kmiec.

Former Los Angeles Mayor, Richard Riordan.

Jeffrey Hart, National Review Senior Editor

Christopher Buckley, son of the founder of National Review.

Viva la conservative revolucion,

Ryan Sorba