Sep 29, 2007

Southern Poverty Law Center "SPLC" Deemed Hate Group

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s David Holthouse, along with other pro-sodomy and anti-Christian hate groups have published attacks on pro-religious freedom and family activist Kyle Bristow, in a disgusting attempt to silence his opposition to their campaign for the normalization of sodomy.

Now, pro-family groups nationwide are intent on rebuking the Southern Poverty Law Center’s propagandistic tactics by seeking both legal and non-legal recourse.

The controversy began when Kyle Bristow, a senior at Michigan State University and Chairman of the universities Young American’s for Freedom chapter invited Ryan Sorba to speak on the issue of his forthcoming book, “The Born ‘Gay’ Hoax.” Sorba argues that the "gay" identity is a complete fabrication, contrived by pro-sodomy activists in a legal and public relations campaign to gain minority status as a suspect class under the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Sorba quotes at length various leaders of the pro-sodomy movement, who admit that there is no such thing as being “born gay” or an innate "homosexuality.” Sorba argues that same-sex attractions are a developmental condition, arising in response to early sexual abuse and other dysfunctional environmental conditions. Sorba states, “The American people have been deceived by a crafty few political activists, whose stated goal it is to gain complete acceptance for sodomy and other deviant sexual behaviors.”

Upon learning of Bristow’s event, organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center began to circulate articles which many consider to be libel on the internet. This is not the first time that Bristow has been attacked by the anti-Christian and anti-American hate group.

“The attacks have been incessant.” stated Bristow, “The Southern Poverty Law Center has been engaged in a program of both deceit and intimidation against me. They are bullies. They are afraid to attack larger conservative organizations that have the necessary resources to combat the Center’s lies, so the multi-million dollar operation resorts to bullying college students.”

The majority of the attacks have come from one, David Holthouse, a writer for the organization. Holthouse’s article is a blatant hit piece on both Bristow and Sorba, and it makes false accusations about Bristow that may be considered libel. Now, unless the article in reference is promptly removed from the internet and an official apology is received, the Young American's for Freedom will take legal action against the law center.

Further, in response to the Southern Poverty Law Center's isolation of conservatives as dehumanized targets, and in response to it's deliberate attempts vilify college students with whom they simply disagree, the Young Conservative's of California have voted to declare the SPLC a hate group.

By Katie Cole

Aug 9, 2007

The History of Planned Parenthood

On April 30, 1945, surrounded by the Soviet Army in Berlin, Adolph Hitler committed suicide and his Reich collapsed. In all 6 million Jews had been buried by Hitler, but the Nazi killing didn't only involve the Jews, it is estimated that the total number killed by Hitler’s Reich may have been more than 20 million.

Most believe that the Nazi’s evil ideology was defeated when Hitler committed suicide, but that is incorrect. Only Hitler’s Reich was defeated on that date. Amidst the rubble, the surrender, and the Nuremberg Trials, the roots of the Nazi’s ideology nightmarishly remained...

The Nazi’s practiced eugenics, but they did not invent it. The Nazi's killed millions under the moral banner of bettering the human gene pool, but they did not kill the most. Before the Nazi’s, before Hitler’s, “Final Solution,” American eugenicists were busy in a place that for many Americans may seem too close to home, Cold Springs Harbor, Long Island.

Here, the Rockefellers, the Carnegies, and the Ford’s were meeting in the darkest of shadows…

The plan was to immediately sterilize fourteen million people in the United States and millions more worldwide –the lower tenth- and then the next lower tenth, and so on, until only a super race remained. Records indicate that 60,000 Americans were forcibly sterilized during the first six decades of the twentieth century, although the number is probably much higher. The victims of eugenics were poor urban dwellers, rural “white trash,” blacks, Jews, the blind, the def.

These were labeled lesser forms of life, unworthy of existence, a pseudoscientific classification created in the research rooms of the Carnegie Institution, verified by the research grants of the Rockefeller Foundation, validated by Ivy League Universities, further financed by the Harriman Railroad fortune, and the Ford Foundation.

In 1920, Henry Ford published a collection of essays entitled, The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem. Back on the Old Continent, it was destined to be read by a young and struggling so-called German “hero” from World War One, Adolph Hitler; in America, by a young woman’s rights activist, Margaret Sanger…

Sanger, the sixth of eleven children, eventually published her own magnum opus, “The Pivot of Civilization.” Miss Sanger wrote acidly:

“There is no greater curse to posterity than that of bequeathing them an increasing population of imbeciles.” “Organized charity itself,” she wrote, “The Church, those vast, complex, interrelated organizations aiming to diminish the spread of misery and destitution, are the surest reason for the increasing population of imbeciles.” “My criticism therefore, is not directed at the failure of philanthropy, but rather its success…Oh, the cruelty of charity!”

“The first step,” she ordered, will be to establish a so-called “Eugenics Record Office,” “to quietly register the genetic backgrounds of all Americans, separating the defective strains from the desired lineages.” Family trees will be called pedigrees.

Where will this Eugenics Record Office obtain family details? Inquired the great twentieth century Zoologist, Mr. Charles Davenport.

“They lie hidden,” she told him, “in the records of our many charitable organizations, our 42 institutions for the feebleminded, our 115 schools and homes for the blind and the deaf, our 350 hospitals for the insane, our 1,200 refuge homes, our 1,300 prisons, our 1,500 hospitals, and our 2,500 almshouses. Our great insurance companies and our college gymnasiums, have tens of thousands of records on the characteristics of human bloodlines.” “These records should be studied; their hereditary data sifted out, properly recorded on cards and then sent to a central bureau for study…”

To be continued….

Jun 16, 2007

Evaluating the CDC from the 'Waste' Down

Most of us are shocked that transgender beauty pageants even exist--but what if I said that as a U.S. taxpayer you've already funded one? According to a new report on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), that's just one in a long line of unnecessary expenses that have gone unpunished, and, until now, unnoticed by Congress.

When CDC Director Julie Gerberding told the Senate that her agency "needed" an additional billion dollars, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) decided to investigate how the last $10 billion had been spent. What he found was enough to make anyone sick. It turns out that the CDC has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars over the past few years on everything from vegetable statues to zero gravity chairs.

As Coburn outlines in his report, "CDC Off Center," the agency has expended millions on lavish facilities, questionable conferences, and new offices in the home states of committee members who oversee its funding. Among some of the more outrageous line items, the CDC used syphilis prevention funds to host a "safe sex" event with a porn star. It spent $45 million for conferences, including some that featured prostitutes and beach parties.

On the HIV/AIDS front, one grantee hosted a "bar night" with instructions on "how to throw a good party with lots of alcohol." As Coburn notes with tragic irony, the CDC spent enough on trips for employees to international AIDS conferences to underwrite drugs that would have prevented mother-to-child AIDS transmission in over 115,000 babies.

If Dr. Gerberding "needs" an additional billion dollars to operate, we suggest that she look within her own budget and eliminate projects and programs that are nothing more than bureaucratic shams.

Jun 15, 2007

VIDEO/CAUTION: Pro-same gender sex activists are RECRUITING KIDS!!

Extremely slick propaganda directed at the youngest of children! The videos are from "It's Elementary," a 78-minute feature film produced by homosexualists. Unfortunately, these are actual scenes from elementary schools in Massachusetts and New York. "It's Elementary" is meant to be a training video for pro-same gender sex activist teachers across the country. Sadly, the film itself is still being shown to schoolchildren in public schools in Massachusetts and elsewhere.

This is what is actually going on in more and more elementary schools across America. Watching this will really affect you. You will not believe what you are seeing.

Part 1: "'Gay' & 'Lesbian' Pride" Day in Elementary Schools - Actual footage of teachers indoctrinating children that homosexuality is "healthy education." (Length: 8:59)

Link: Link:

Ryan Sorba

Jun 14, 2007

Planned Parenthood BUSTED: for telling girl to lie about her age

June 12th, 2007

My friend James O’Keefe is at it again, this time with a brilliant undercover effort to expose Planned Parenthood for encouraging a young girl to lie about her age to avoid getting her boyfriend in trouble for statutory rape. This is an alarming story about how this organization pursues its evil agenda at any cost.

Cybercast News Service has the story here.
Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles is threatening to sue a student pro-life activist who recorded an abortion clinic employee encouraging her to lie about her age to avoid being reported as a victim of statutory rape.

Lila Rose, an 18-year-old sophomore at the University of California Los Angeles, is the founder of a pro-life magazine on campus. In March, she entered a Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles (PPLA) clinic, posing as a pregnant 15-year-old and said her boyfriend was 23 years old.

A girl in that position would be considered a victim of statutory rape because she was under 16, and California law requires clinics such as Planned Parenthood to report cases of statutory rape. In hidden camera video of the encounter, a PPLA employee tells Rose that she could “figure out a birth date that works” to avoid having PPLA notify police.
Brendan Steinhauser

Jan 29, 2007

Editorial: YCC Endorses Private-Accounts!

"Today, the top 20 percent of the United States population controls 80% of the wealth. We have a wealth gap that is unhealthy. It leads to class envy and political hyperbole," writes Senator Rick Santorum in his influential book, It Takes a Family. "The current financial divide in America is between those people who save, and therefore are able to acquire assets, and thus the potential to build wealth, and those people who have not yet grasped that they have that opportunity."

One way to help our fellow Americans to save, acquire assets and build new wealth is the Thrift Savings Account Plan for Social Security. The Thrift Savings Account Plan would allow Americans to take the hard earned money that they currently pay into the system (at a two percent rate of return) and place it in a private investment account (at an historical average of a six percent rate of return).

By returning Americans abilities to take ownership and responsibility for otherwise untouchable taxed income, in order to invest in diverse low risk securities investments, they would be able to see their money grow, be inclined to invest more, and be permitted to pass unspent savings on to their children. The Thrift Savings Account Plan would turn millions more Americans into active savers, investors, and members of the American ownership society. Further, the plan would release new capital into The Cause of Wealth in Nations- the free market, and thus create new jobs. In short, the Thrift Savings Account Plan rocks!

In razor sharp contrast, under the status quo, the average American will pay eighty-four thousand dollars into the system that they will never get back. Further, the wealth gap will continue to grow, creating class envy. What's worse? There is no guarantee that future generations will receive social security benefits at all. Under current law, the government can pull the plug on social "in-security" at any time. How did it come to this?

Ostensibly, leftist politicians claim to want to "fix social security." In reality, they want to institutionalize dependency at any cost. Their goal is to make middle-class Americans depend on them, financially! Leftists want the government to collect our money so that they can bribe us with it later for votes, it is the leftists way.

In order to lure Americans into handing their hard earned money over, leftist politicians love to make the argument that private-accounts are ''too risky,'' but what I love to do is point out to people that these same politicians turn around, and use a special Congressional loophole, to sign-up for private-accounts themselves. Further, whenever they claim that diversified private-accounts are too ''insecure,'' I let the truth be known. Since conception, there has never been a 20 year period, in which the market has not risen by a minimum of four percent, which is double social securities current rate of return! Heck, even online banks now offer savings accounts that pay a 5 percent rate of return, which is double and a half what our money makes under so-called "social security." To be quite frank, under the liberal system, we are all getting screwed!

The leftists lack of faith in diversified private-accounts either demonstrates a lack of faith in the entire Free Market System, the system upon which this nation stands, which might explain why they continually fight for socialist policy, or, it shows that they would rather do nothing than something. It shows that they could care less about the Americans that they claim to represent, and that they care deeply for playing politics, via scare tactics, with our generation's future.

With declining birth rates and a generation gap, we are looking into the eye of a perfect level 5 Social Security hurricane. Don't let the donkeys in Congress postpone fixing the levees of Social Security any longer. Contact your federal representatives today, and demand that they champion private-accounts, and thus, our future!

Ryan Sorba

Jan 28, 2007

Editorial: Intelligent Design: Dembski > Darwin

With all our technology, our understanding, our progress, our super-computers and lifetimes of work, we cannot even come close to creating anything anywhere near as complex as an earthworm. Yet these super complex organisms, with more complex parts than any super-computer, supposedly came together by chance, without anything intelligent guiding their way.

When that giant, Charles Darwin, roamed the earth so long ago, most scientists held the view that the universe was infinite and eternal. However, in the middle of the twentieth century, the universe, according to science, got much cozier.

As evidence mounted for the Big Bang hypothesis, the specter of a beginning of the universe, and thus, a finite universe, the limits of time and space ruled out the possibility for infinite chance events. Without infinite chance events, the highly improbable events associated with the theory of evolution stretch the boundaries of probability, and the imagination, past the breaking point. In light of a finite universe, in light of the impending collapse of purely naturalistic explanations, how should science come to view life?

Enter, Intelligent Design. Intelligent Design is the theory that all biological organisms are far too well ordered, or, too complex, to have been created by any simple, unintelligent chance event, or, series of chance events.The Intelligent Design hypothesis is premised on what is called specified complexity. Specified complexity uses reason, science, and math to detect design in highly improbable, complex, independent patterns.

For example, we detect design at the cellular basis for life because cells are extremely complex, and molecules are extremely independent. "Cells are machines of stunning complexity. A single cell is like an entire assembly line of molecules, operating in perfect harmony."

Another indicator that the "universe might have some sort of design was the gradual discovery, starting in the 1950's of dozens of 'fine-tuned' parameters in physics and cosmology, that were seemingly arbitrary values; yet, if those values were varied by even the tiniest amount, the universe simply wouldn't 'work' in anyway that it actually does."

One example of such a parameter is the "strong nuclear force," which allows for "heavy atoms" such as carbon to form, which in turn, enables the formation of atomic bonds, thus enabling the formation of complex molecular and cellular structures, both necassary for life. Similarly, if the weak nuclear force varied by even the tiniest amount, the universe, again, would cease to exist in any way that it actually does. Further, if the Big Bang were not immediately followed by a Big Crunch, and the universe wasn't moving in the way that it has been as a result, then this would have caused other finely tuned parameters to vary, which, according to cosmologists, would mean that molecules, galaxies, stars, and planets could not have formed.

What most people don't know is that there is a long and growing list of finely tuned parameters that have been identified. If evolutionary models for intelligent life were correct, the probability for evolution should continually increase as scientists learn more about the universe. On the other hand, if the creation explanation for physical intelligent life is correct, that probablility should continually decrease. In 1995, 41 fine-tuned characteristics had been identified, by 2000 the number of them had more than trippled to 128, by 2002, scientists had discovered more than 200, and by 2004, 323. With each new specific, fine-tuned parameter, the probablity for getting the right values, for all the parameters, increases exponentially.

Today, assuming that the universe contains ten billion trillion planets and one trillion trillion moons, (the most optimistic estimates) the probablilty of getting all the perfect parameters, so as to enable life is 10 to the negative 282 power!

If any one of these finely-tuned parameters, varied, even slightly, then life as we know it would not be possible. The probability of getting the "right" values for all of these parameters (each of which could have been any number between one and infinity) by blind chance, so as to enable life on our planet, is so astronomically high, that is raises some obvious and weighty questions about whether the cosmos bears the mark of design.

Interestingly, in response to the scientific case for cosmic design most working cosmologists have accepted an ad hoc escape valve called the 'multi-verse.' The idea behind this multi-verse is that there must be an infinite number of universes, each with a random set of physical laws, constants, constraints, etc. in order for ours to just so happen to have all the correct values necassary for life. Supposedly, we just happen to have "won the universe lottery!"
According to multi-versers, we're sitting in what is possibly, the single universe, out of infinite universes, that just so happens to have all the right conditions to make life possible. Well, it looks to me like it would take an awful lot of "faith" for "scientists" to believe in a far-out theory like the "multi-verse," given it's own statistical probability, and our complete lack of evidence for any such thing.

Basically, even is trillions of years went by, I don't believe that any super-computer, or a pencil for that matter, or an earthworm, or, indeed, a self-conscious, life and blood, breathing human being, could come into existence without an intelligent designer. Do you?

If one observes nature, if one practices the scientific method, Intelligent Design offers a far more plausible explanation for the universe, and for life.

Ryan Sorba

-All text in quotes was taken from either page 396 or 397, of Senator Rick Santorum’s book “It Takes a Family.”

Jan 21, 2007

Ryan Sorba Lecturing on the "Born Gay Hoax" at Cal State

A one hour talk exposing the hidden agenda of the pro same-gender sex political movement.