Feb 25, 2009

Obama's Address to the Nation

Although I disagree with most of the substance of his rhetoric, President Obama clearly delivered another incredible speech last night. However, this speech was nothing more than a trojan horse for a funbag of liberal goodies. The President and I share the common goal of getting America out of this economic crisis, but we fundamentally disagree on the path to take. Last night the President presented the most ambitious and expensive spending plan in the history of America. He wants to guarantee health care and a college education for everyone, as well as cap CO2 emissions. Exactly how does he plan to pay for all of this in a dreadful economy. It was comical to hear him speak about his dedication to fiscal responsibility and restraint in one breath, while touting these expensive spending programs in the next. The thing that struck me the most last night was his statement about implementing cap and trade on CO2 emissions, which would inevitably lead to the rationing of energy, a decrease in supply, and ultimately an increase in the cost of energy. During this time of economic hardship we should not be saddling businesses with further regulations, which will increase the cost of business for everyone.