Jul 27, 2010

Bob Shwartz and Homosexual Hate Group Gay Liberation Network to Protest Truth Academy

The anti-Christian and neo-pagan pro-sodomy hate group, "Gay Liberation Network" (GLN) — whose co-leader Bob Schwartz celebrated the University of Illinois’ recent firing of Catholic professor Kenneth Howell for his Natural Law defense of marriage– has announced that it will protest the AFTAH Truth Academy, which will be held Aug. 5-7 at the Christian Liberty Academy in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

GLN is a Marxist-oriented street protest group that attempts to equate Judeo-Christian opposition to homosexuality and capitalism with “hate” — and which uses its protests to intimidate businesses from hosting pro-family events. For its extreme anti–Christian and anti-capitalist bigotry and hateful rhetoric — including vicious ad hominem attacks against the family (e.g., calling pro-family missionary Peter LaBarbera “Satan’s Lover”) – GLN has been declared a hate organization.

GLN, formerly the Chicago Anti-Bashing Network, once smeared the historic Moody Church in Chicago as a “House of Hate” because Moody’s revered pastor, Erwin Lutzer, wrote a book critical of “same-sex marriage.”
GLN has repeatedly pilloried Chicago’s Catholic leaker Cardinal Francis George with a similar accusations because George defends Catholic teachings on sex and marriage.
Beyond that, Schwartz once told LaBarbera — who was protesting a “gay youth” rally in downtown Chicago as then-executive director of Illinois Family Institute – that if it weren’t for the police standing nearby, he would push him into the busy street. (Schwartz has never denied making this comment after it was reported by IFI.) What hatred Bob Schwartz has in his heart for Christian's who only seek to help folks overcome self-destructive sexual addictions.

LaBarbera maintains that had such a veiled violent threat been made against a homosexual by a conservative or Christian, it could have been the basis for a criminal charge under Chicago’s "hate crime" law.

Here is an excerpt of GLN’s ludicrous attempt to distort the Truth Academny’s true purpose:
Teaching young people to revere biblical teachings on marriage and God’s natural design for the family — and how to answer GLBT misinformation in the public square – is a public good.
However, GLN’s vicious name-calling and ugly smears of conservatives and pro-family libertarians as “haters” — and its regular lies about religious leaders who oppose homosexual practice – is a form of neo-Nero-ean, anti-Christian bigotry. This kind of radical intolerance by extreme sexoholics and homosexual activists must be resisted at every turn by all pro-family Americans!

Jul 8, 2010

David Horowitz Dumps Alex Knepper from NewsReal

Today, July 8, 2010 another anti-Christian homosexual man, Alex Knepper came out of the closet as a pro-pederasty activist.

Knepper previously identified himself as a "conservative" and wrote for David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog.

After learning of Knepper's advocacy for pederasty Horowitz promptly removed him as a contributor.

Alex Knepper published an article about me online a few months back on Andrew Sullivan's blog. Andrew Sullivan it should be noted is also a sexual deviant -his life revolves around making public the fact that he engages in sodomy with other males. Due to his deviant lifestyle, sadly, he has been infected with HIV.

In the article Knepper published he inacurately recalls a brief argument I had with him for a few minutes at CPAC 2010.

The argument was about marriage. Knepper claimed that the essence of marriage consists in "shared values" and "mutual mcommitment." Under this definition however, marriage could mean almost anything. A grandmother and grandson could marry under this definition, for example. There is no principle to deny it, logically. The essence of marriage is reproduction and unity in the interest of raising children. Love, mutual help, and sexuality are secondary.

I tried illustrating these simple deductions to Knepper, but he wouldn't listen. His addiction to the chemicals released by his brain from sexual stimulation wouldn't allow him to think like a human being.

Instead he reacted like a meat puppet, controlled by strings pulled by chemical reactions in his brain -he told the nice girl I was walking with to engage in a public sex act.

Alex Knepper, a student from American University, should be known online for who he is -which is why I am writing this post. Hopefully potential future victims (organizations he submits his resume to) google his name, read this, and avoid the same mistake David Horowitz made.

In case you still have doubts about him, he recently confirmed his status as a creep obsessed with wierd and perverted sex acts when he told a reporter the following:

"For my pro-sex views, I am variously called a misogynist, a rape apologist and -- my personal favorite -- a "pro-date rape protofascist."

I don't know how Knepper slipped through the cracks at NewsReal. Perhaps it is because the website's Editor David Swindle is a pro-sodomy activist himself, obviously lacking in discernmet.

Alex Knepper is not the only left-wing hack blogging at NewsReal, however. Ryan Mauro, David Swindle, and Jesse Hathaway are also deviants, albeit to a lesser degree. While these do not advocate for pederasty they do advocate for same-sex sodomy and rail against both Christian morality and public recognition for the natural supremacy of civilized marital-based sexuality.

Hopefully NewsReal Editor-in-Chief David Horowitz will come to his senses soon and remove these deviants from NewsReal. I left a message with his office today, but have not recieved a call back.

I'll try again tomorrow.