Aug 11, 2010

Truth Academy: A Huge Success!

August 5 -7 Pete LeBarbera's American's for Truth hosted the inaugural Truth Academy. The conference was a huge success. There were over one hundred attendees over the course of the weekend.

Speakers included Sandy Rios, former President of the Concerned for America, Robert Knight of Coral Ridge Ministries, Matt Barber and Rena Lindevaldsen of Liberty University's not-for-profit law firm Liberty Council, Cliff Kinkaid from Accuracy in Media, Ryan Sorba, Chairman of the California Young American's for Freedom, Professor Rob Gagnon, Greg Quinlan -an ex-"gay" and director of PFOX. Arthur Goldberg and Luarie Higgins were also in attendence.
The information exchanged at the event was invaluable. Cliff Kinkaid's presentations were particularly relevent to the current Don't Ask Don't Tell debate. Cliff noted that men who have sex with men are currently forbidden from giving blood, do to astronomically high rates of sexually transmitted disease infections. In the military, soldiers are expected to be ready to give blood in emergency situations for their fellow soldiers. If a fellow soldier regularly engages in sodomy however, he may infect his fellow soldier in need.

Ryan Sorba added to Cliff's case by noting that many psychiatrists and psychologists in the American Psychiatric Association understand "Homosexuality" to be psychologically disordered. "The debate is still raging in the APA," Sorba said. If "Homosexuality" is a psychological disorder it may be grounds for denial of service.

Matt Barber added that males and females are rightfully segregated in sleeping quarters due to their sexuality. If males and females are seperated then should't the "gay" males be seperated as well, epsecially when showering.

Overall, the weekend was a huge success. There is already interest in a Truth Academy in Oklahoma as well as Ohio. The Academy is meant to teach young people and other pro-family Americans how to effectively counter the propaganda of the modern pro-sodomy movement.
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