Oct 20, 2008

YCC Weekly Update!

1) Ryan Sorba to Debate Princeton Theological Seminary Alum on Marriage and Prop. 8 at Cal State San Marcos on October 28, at noon.

2) ISI Lecture! Dinesh D’Souza will defend the free market and the virue of prosperity at the University of the Pacific on October 23 at 6 p.m.

3) Opportunities to help the McCain Palin ticket in swing states, Colorado and Nevada

4) Attend a YAF Conference and stay at the Reagan Ranch! Only $60, hotel and food included!

5) Seven new YCC Chapters now on college campuses!

6) Qaulcon Stadium to host HUGE pro-marriage rally Nov. 1st.


1) Ryan Sorba to Debate Princeton Alum on Marriage and Proposition 8

On Tuesday, October 28, 2008 Ryan Sorba will debate Margo McKenna at California State University, San Marcos at 12 p.m. on the subject of marriage.

McKenna, a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary refers to herself as a “Reverend” and presides over the “Chalice Unitarian Universalist Congregation.” Unitarian Universalist’s, is should be noted, believe that all disparate religions and philosophies are correct in their understanding of reality. McKenna, in all her “Universality,” will defend the pro-sodomy movement’s demands that California change the central concept (the essence) of the definition of marriage to “consent,” while Sorba’s will unleash all the power of the natural law against her misconceptions. To learn more about Ryan’s apponant click here: http://www.chaliceuu.org/aboutMargo.htm


2) ISI Lecture!

Technology, the Market, and the Virtue of Prosperity

Dinesh D’Souza, prominent author and the Robert and Karen Rishwain Fellow at the Hoover Institution will discuss “Technology, the Market, and the Virute of Proserity” at the University of the Pacific, in Grace Covell Hall, 3601 Pacific Avenue, Stockton, California 95211 on October 23 at 6 p.m.

For more info click visit: http://www.isi.org/calendar/eventDetail.aspx?id=4AE45333-FE9A-4E3D-A76F-619F834A7325


3) The McCain Palin campaign is welcoming anyone who can come to Colorado to work for a McCain Palin Victory!

Volunteers are responsible for their own transportation, lodging and meals. Consider it a last minute campaign contribution and make it a trip with your friends! If you are interested in taking part of the McCain 72 hour Campaign please email Marc Massey your resume at mmassey@mccain08hq.com.

What: 72 hour Campaign
When: Oct 31st - Nov.5th
Where: Denver, Colorado
Who: YOU!


4) YAF Conference

Apply now before the $60 rate increases for the Young America's Foundation West Coast Leadership Conference Nov 14-15 in Santa Barbara!

Apply now at http://www.regonline.com/wclc08.

Confirmed speakers include Michael Reagan, Dennis Prager, Rep. Mark Souder (IN), Nicole Hoplin, Frank Donatelli, Ron Robinson, and many more! Meet like-minded peers, learn conservative ideas, and get valuable resources all in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA!

Merit-based travel scholarships are available by application. Please reply if you need more information.


5) Five new YCC clubs!

In recent weeks, through the help of the Leadership Institute, five new YCC chapters have formed. First, the Brooks Institue has formed a YCC Conservative Film club. The Club intends to create conservative documentaries and films. In addition two YCC conservative Book clubs have sprung up at Cal State Long Beach and UC Riverside and YCC pro-life groups have formed at Cal State L.A. and UC Riverside.


6) Qualcom Stadium Pro-Marriage Rally!

Join the largest gathering of pro-marriage supporters ever to assemble at Qaulcom stadium in San Diego on November 1st! Bring and energize your friends to vote YES ON 8! Visit the following link for more info.



Viva la conservative revolucion,

Ryan Sorba