Jun 27, 2011

Cory Spruill, Ex-Edward Little High School Homosexual Football Player Sends Christians "Gay" Porn on Facebook

The Young Conservatives of America (YCA) are not new to internet harrassment. In fact, the organizations positions on such issues as right to life, traditional family values, a free-market economy and a strong national defense lead members to expect some degree of harrassment by some members of their opposition.

This week however YCA experienced a new low when the organizations National Chairman sat down to check his Facebook messages.

Cory Spruill, a nineteen year old homosexual man and recent graduate of Edward Little High School who plans to attend the University of Maine had send harrassing messages, including nude and pornographic images of "acts to crude for print" in an effort to harrass the Chairman.

YCA has a zero tolerance for this type of harrasment and is currently looking into taking legal action against Mr. Spruill for internet cyber-harrasment. The photo was too graphic to post but a screen shot of his comments can be seen below.