Dec 29, 2010

RINO Watch List: Lisa DePasquale

Recently Lisa De Pasquale, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Director for the American Conservative Union has been lobbying to bring the pro-sodomy advocacy organization "GOProud" to the CPAC, one of several large conservative gatherings that take place in Washington D.C. each year.

Lisa De Pasquale's decision is highly controversial, leaving many questioning whether she should continue at ACU as CPAC Director.

Joe Cox, the Director of Online Relations for the Young Conservatives of California had this to say:

"Homosexuality is not something most Americans are comfortable discussing, let alone promoting. So why is Lisa De Pasquale hijacking the Conservative Political Action Conference in an effort to use its name as a public relations tool for the gay agenda?"

It seems that Mr. Cox is correct. According to recent online polling more Americans than ever support a Federal Constitutional Amendment defining marriage as between one man and one woman. This strong public showing of support for traditional marriage and morality stands in sharp contrast to the legal opinions of several activist Judges, including most recently Judge Vaughn Walker, who attempted to subvert California's recent marriage amendment known as Proposition 8.

With such strong general support for marriage and rising support for the sanctity of life in the abortion debate, many are wondering why Lisa De Pasquale is pushing social conservatives away from CPAC. It just doesn't make sense.

Recently seven social/fiscal conservative non-profits pulled out of CPAC in response to Pasquale's controversial decision, including the Family Research Council, which puts on the massive Family Values Voters Summit in Washington each year.

Other organizations that pulled out of CPAC include The Concerned Women for America, The National Organization for Marriage, the American Principles Project, American Values, the Center for Military Readiness, and Liberty Council.

On December 29th Brent Bozell, the nephew of Bill Buckley Jr and chairman of the Media Research Center indicated that MRC may not attend the CPAC either this year.

Alberto Arellano, a College Republican from UC Riverside wonders if Lisa De Pasquale is actually doing more harm than good for conservative efforts to restore public support.

"Lisa De Pasquale is trying to foist the homosexual agenda upon the conservative movement and a lot of us don't like it. We conservatives are the ones least likley to tolerate the immoral homosexual lifestyle, let alone promote it. This is rediculous" stated Arellano. "Why is she doing this?" he asks.

Many conservatives, including Arellano and Cox are hoping that Miss De Pasquale will change her mind or else step down as the CPAC Director at the American Conservative Union.

"Miss De Pasquale is not representing the principles of social conservatives, and social conservatives make up a major wing of the conservative movement. So I don't think she should be in charge of a conference that is meant to represent all conservatives, like CPAC does."

By Courtney McCarty