Dec 28, 2010

The “GOProud” Agenda

Andrew Breitbart, GOProud Board Member

Recently a group of radical pro-“gay” activists, Christopher Barron, Jimmy LeSalvia, and Bruce Carroll put together a small card board box organization designed to make headlines and headway. The organization is called GOProud, and its leaders are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to conjure up the illusion that the American right, has gone left, on social issues. The organization’s mission:

"We are a gay organization, we only work on gay issues, we have never claimed otherwise. My God people."

The aforementioned tweet was posted at 4:04 p.m. on Aug. 4, by Christopher Barron -the organizations founder. GOProud claims to be “conservative,” but Barron’s primary-venture, CapSouth Consulting provides services almost exclusively to “centrist” organizations such as the Log Cabin Republicans and the Republicans Who Care Individual Fund – a 527 seeking to elect centrist’s to the House and Senate. The GOProud webpage states that the organization is committed to a “traditional conservative agenda,” but the very nature of the group, its questionable ties and short track record strongly suggests otherwise.

Since its inception GOProud has repeatedly attacked conservatives and TEA Party icons like Sarah Palin, Jim DeMint, and Mike Pence for supporting marriage and apposing their radical “GOProud” agenda. They attacked numerous TEA Party candidates during the 2010 campaign season. They even attacked long-standing conservative not-for-profit organizations like Americans for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property and the conservative youth group Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), founded by William F. Buckley Jr., the oldest and most respected group of its kind.

Despite GOProud’s self-avowed conservatism, many are beginning to wonder whether the organization should be considered “conservative” at all, arguing that GOProud has repeatedly put its own radical “gay” agenda first, and economics, party unity and “tradition” second. This some argue, marks a stark difference between GOProud and most other conservative organizations.

Traditionally, conservative not-for-profit organizations consider themselves conservative only when their core principles coincide with that of the general conservative movement. If the primary issue of an organization is at odds with conservatism, it would be odd for that organization to refer to itself as “conservative,” strictly speaking, but this is exactly what is happening with GOProud. Why?

The answer seems obvious. Christopher Barron, Jimmy LeSalvia, and Bruce Carroll are trying to co-opt the conservative movement. They want to use the movement to normalize homosexuality, nothing more. More specifically, they want to use the “free-market” as a vehicle to promote their radical agenda and to divide and conquer their opposition. If these activists do lobby for less taxes, less government, etc. they will do it with one aim in mind: to build support for the homosexual lifestyle among conservatives and disunity between social and fiscal members of the movement. This will be evident by the way they take credit for their work. This principle is implicit in the very name of their organization, which reeks of homosexuality. If they befriend conservatives they will befriend them to reduce right-wing opposition or to build support for the homosexual lifestyle.

Grover Norquist, the crypto-Islamist and founder of “American’s for Tax Reform” used the same tactic to promote radical Islam when he founded the Islamic “Free-Market” Institute. Norquist obtained the funds for his ostensibly conservative “Institute” from Abdurahman Alamoudi, a Muslim radical serving a 22 year Federal Prison sentence for funding terrorists, including Al Qaeda. Interestingly, Grover Norquist recently joined the Board of GOProud.

If GOProud truly was an organization full of nothing-but harmless fiscal conservatives who just happened to participate in the homosexual lifestyle, then why would the organization feel the absolute need to advertise the fact that they lead a homosexual lifestyle in all they do? Homosexuality is not a conservative issue. Check it at the door. Why do these activists define themselves by their sexual acts rather than their fiscal positions? Neither the title nor the track record of GOProud seem “conservative” to me. Russell Kirk, the man who gave the modern American conservative movement its name, referred to men of unprincipled talents such as these as, “sophists and calculators,” even “Jacobins!”

Normalizing the homosexual lifestyle never was or will be a conservative issue. Conservative principles all align against homosexuality. In the words of the founder, “The conservative believes in an enduring moral order, that human nature is fixed, in continuity, and that prescription and prudence are the best methods by which to reconcile permanence and change in a vigorous society.”

These principles all level the notion that there could be a conservative homosexual organization. GOProud is a fiction, a lie, designed to manipulate public sentiment, nothing more. It is the duty of every true conservative to stand up against this heresy here and now, to pinch the wick before this burning energy has time to find the winds of the radical left and together their conflagration becomes the bonfire of true conservatism, Christianity and the natural family.