Apr 13, 2009

TEA Party Tactics: Should You Encounter Leftist Infiltrators

As many of you know, the April 15th tax payer revolt is brewing. TEA Parties ("T axed E nough A lready") are going to take place all over the nation.

In case you are new to the world of protests, here are a number of tactics that you may want to employ, should you encounter ACORN
plants and other leftist infiltrators.

First, create a number of "INFILTRATOR" signs to point out any plants and identify them as not a part of the Tea Party. Some left-wing blogs have suggested that infiltrators utilize racist and other derogatory messages to make it look like the Tea Party protesters are "intolerant bigots." This is where the "INFILTRATOR" and "ACORN PLANT" signs come in to use.

Also, please spread the work to ensure that as many people as possible bring along digital cameras and DVR cameras. People tend to behave and act civil when there are cameras around to record their actions. If some infiltrators become verbally abusive and physically belligerent, tell them they are being recorded and that the video will be downloaded onto YouTube, and if necessary, forwarded to the authorities.

Some of these internet blog threats and rumors may be just that, threats and rumors but nothing else. However, it is important that we be prepared. I'll see you all out there, in a field and on t.v.

Viva la conservative revolucion,

Rick Reiss
MTRA, Programs Director

Brendan Steinhauser
FreedomWorks, Director of State and Federal Campaigns

Ryan Sorba
YCC, Chairman